About us

Aylene Gardiner has been repping directors since the late eighties. Born, bred and educated in Scotland, she arrived in Italy via BMP and TBWA London. With Sir John Hegarty's help she signed up some of the top names in London and dragged them kicking and screaming over to Milan. Things went well so she expanded her roster to directors from the US, Australia, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Mexico, Estonia, Latvia, Holland…. Over the years Italy expanded to Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, China and South East Asia.

Scott Pugnetti has been working in advertising since he was 5 years old, when he learned how to push a reel into the Sony U-matic. He joined the company in 2012 and the company has since grown exponentially.

Our business philosophy is very simple. We are transparent and honest and expect the same from our directors, our DOPs and above all, our clients. All the directors and DOPs that we rep are a pleasure to work with, quite simply, we only work with the good guys.

The world of advertising is in constant evolution and we must all adapt to these new work rules, but honesty, transparency and hard work are still fundamental.


Aylene Gardiner


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Scott Pugnetti


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